Vision and Mission


To be the leading youth – led environmental association in Africa, activley engaging youth for an environmentally sustainable, just and fair society in which no human being will be deprived of the essential means for survival, through ensuring social justice, inter and intra generational equity and promoting sustainable development.


YVE Ghana’s mission is to educate, support and strengthen the capacity of Ghanaian youth to involve them in the process of sustainable development.


Promoting youth participation in sustainable development

Empowering the need to provide disadvantaged youth and rural communities, a better understanding of the challenges facing them and the entire planet.

In doing so, students, grassroots organizations and rural populations have access to information that previously was not available: access to global information sources, new information technologies and communication, a window on the world closer and distant, and an education that stresses the importance of protecting the world’s genetic wealth and the preservation of cultural diversity.