Young Volunteers for the Environment of Niger restore the COP 17 at the training workshop for youth on climate change

JVE Niger organized within the project TSYEMA on Tuesday 27 December 2011, a training workshop for 50 young people on climate change at the Academy of Martial Arts in Niamey under the chairmanship of the Executive Secretariat of the National Council for Environment and Sustainable Development (NCA) in the presence of several other personalities.

The opening ceremony of the workshop was chaired by the Executive Secretary of the National Council for the Environment and Sustainable Development in the presence of management representative of the national environment, the Deputy Director of the environment and the of life, the representative of the Director General of Youth, the President of the National Council of Youth, the network coordinator AYICC Niger and several other leaders of NGOs and associations working on issues of environment and sustainable development Niger. Participants come from the structures involved in environmental issues and especially members of JVE Niger through the Board of Directors, the Executive, the local branch of Niamey, and representatives of the three clubs green school recently installed by JVE Niger.

In his welcome address, the President of Niger JVE, M. Zabeirou Mahamane first recalled the context of the creation of JVE in Niger, the project TSYEMA (Toward a Strong Youth Environmental Movement in Africa) and especially emphasized the involvement of youth in sustainable development process. Speaking for the opening of the workshop, Mr. Amadou Souley Massaoudou began by thanking for the invitation JVE Niger and especially the very encouraging youth to unite in order to better inform and train just 16 days after negotiations in Durban. The theme of the workshop “after COP 17 and the outlook towards Rio + 20″ he says, will help with the return of the COP 17 provided in the schedule to better understand the challenges but also the urgency of ‘involvement of youth and NGOs to a struggle together.

After the withdrawal of official communications began with background on climate change with Ousmane Baou of the Directorate of Meteorology and Dr. Kamay Maazou national expert on climate change at the NCA. This is followed by the moderation of the executive secretary of the NCA, which provided further information. Communication about the realities of Niger by Mr. Bau was completed by Dr. Abdoulaye Issa and Kamay NCA. A rich debate exchanges and sharing of information enabled participants to better understand the problems of the theme of climate change in Niger and in the world. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Kyoto Protocol, the whole process of climate negotiations in general were detailed to the participants.

The return of the COP 17 was made by Garba Issa of AYICC and Amina Issa of Ado JVE Niger reported the event with most conferences and vent sides parallel to the climate negotiations before dwelling on the COP 17 that led to the road map of Durban. It is on these exchanges rich and varied as the work of the first day ended with the word of thanks from the Executive Director.

Sani Ayouba